My understanding of the word, based on two years of high school Spanish. was "an architectural term meaning a hallway or passageway with an expansive view."  That seemed like an OK name for a boat that was going to take us around the world so we could see the sights.

 When we got to Baja California we learned that all the vista points and scenic overlooks on Highway 1, the main road that runs 750 miles from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, were called Miradors.  Thus we learned Mirador means a "scenic overlook" or "scenic viewpoint" - an even better name for a cruising sailboat!


We purchased Mirador new in February 1995 from Yacht's & Services on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington and have now sailed her over 15,000 miles.  We have sailed her as far north and west as Cape Scott at the north tip of Vancouver Island, Canada (N50' 49, W124' 24 July 22, 1999) and south and east to Zihuatenejo, Mexico (N 17' 38, W 101' 33 January - February 2003).

We sailed out of Gig Harbor, Washington in late August 2000 and arrived in San Diego early October 2000.

We moved aboard Mirador full time in July 2001 and left San Diego for the Sea of Cortez in November 2001.

The picture to the left was taken in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico in April 2004.

Mirador was our live aboard home for three years.  She  is fully equipped to sail any ocean to any location.  We have spared no expense to make her safe, fast, and comfortable.  With the exception of air-conditioning I can think of nothing I would add to Mirador. 

We have sailed her 2,500 NM from Seattle to Zihuatenejo, Mexico and then 1,000 miles northwest to Puerto Refugio in the north Sea of Cortez and 600 miles back to La Paz.  During 2002 and 2003 we sailed north and south in the Sea of Cortez crossing back and forth four times. We spent over 800 nights anchored during 2000 - 2004.

In  2010 we again sailed Mirador from Tacoma to San Diego - again with no mechanical problems and in great comfort.  Mirador has been our part-time home since we docked her in Sunroad Marina, San Diego, in late September 2010.

We have sailed her in 55 knots and 3 knots.  We have done everything our 30 years of sailing experience has told us is necessary to make her a better boat.

The picture to the right was taken sailing downwind in 50 knots in the Sea of Cortez between La Paz and Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  Mirador did 7.8 - 8.2 knots for five hours with an 80% genoa.  The ST6000 autopilot, controlled by a gyrorate compass, kept Mirador on track for hours in large breaking seas.

We would be very pleased to take you for a sail, at your convenience, and show off our wonderful boat. 

You can contact us at SVMirador at gmail dot com or call us at  253-970-6097 (cell)

Here is another picture of Mirador taken at Punta Cobre (N25' 12 W110 19) in Baja California: