July 1999 Mirado's Asymetrical spinaker pulling us south along the West Coast of Vancouver Island.


Summer 1996 Mirador is towing me in the dinghy so I can take a picture from astern. This is in the South Puget Sound - notice that the sky is blue and there is no rain in sight!





Penrose State park with Mt. Ranier in the background. Once again, no rain in Puget Sound.  Summer 1997












Fall 1999 - Mirador flys a full main and the offshore genoa. The 125% Genoa is cut very high off the deck so we can see under it and to keep the big seas from tearing the sail.




These photos were all taken on slide film many years ago and were scanned for display here - not the best quality but it is history


July 1999 - Here we are under full sail in Barkley Sound - Vancouver Island, British Columbia.