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We had a nice time in Oceanside visiting with family and many of Jim's longtime friends.  We did a lot of walking and explored much of old downtown Oceanside. 

Saturday morning, September 18, we left Oceanside at about 10 AM with Jamie King, Jim's oldest son, as additional crew.  The Oceanside harbor entrance/bar surprised us with some six foot rollers that required a little extra Yanmar effort to get over.  We were following a 36 foot Catalina that had docked next to us so we got to watch him cross the rollers about three minutes ahead of us. 

The ever present San Diego coastal low clouds began to lift about 11 PM and by noon we were sailing in bright sunshine.   The trip was almost over and we had extra muscle on board so we splurged with our sail handling and raised the main AND rigged the drifter to make Mirador look like a real sailboat. 

The wind came and went as did the drifter until finally at about 5 PM nearing Point Loma we furled the headsail for the last time on this trip. 


We motored thru San Diego Bay and into Sunroad Marina just before sunset - but we couldn't find our assigned slip.  We had the dock number and slip number ( D-12) but had been told the slip was on the west  (windward) sideof the dock.   We proceeded down the fairway west of D dock but found only odd numbered slips so I had to turn Mirador around in 8 knots blowing down the fairway and find my way to the even numbered slips on the east (leeward) side of the dock. 

Mirador was securely tied in her new home by 6:30 PM and the trip was over and done!


  Oceanside California  →  San Diego California

  September 18 September 18  2010
Nautical Miles   44
Elapsed Hours   8
Engine Hours   4
Sailing Hours   4 - downwind with sail poled out
Sailing with engine on   2 - all downwind in 8 to 14 knots true
Maximum Wind   NNW 12
Sails used    Code 0 or Genoa mostly on pole downwind
Biggest Seas   4' from WNW
Sunshine Hours   8
Rain   0 hours
Fog / Mist   0
Max & Minimum Temperature   72 - 65