Brother Jim and I spent July 1999 sailing Mirador 300 nautical miles up the west coast of Vancouver Island from Port Angles, Washington.  We eventually reached Cape Scott at the NW tip of Vancouver Island (N 50 48'  W 128 26') where we turned around and sailed back down the coast.  Jim, who had lived in San Diego for over 20 years and owned not a single pair of long pants, was impressed when we spent my 52nd birthday, on July 27, sailing SE in the Pacific Ocean with an air and water temperature of 53 degrees

East Creek on the West Coast of Vancouver Island where it narrows, crosses a sand bar and enters the woods.

We went about 2 miles up East creek. Jim heard a bear in the woods and went to photograph it. I stayed close to the boat!












Jerry headed down East Creek after he saw the bear. He is letting Jim swim home after finishing with the bear. Jerry is in the 12' PortaBote with the 2 HP Suzuki..









There were a lot of rock beds in the creek that we had to portage across. The Portabote weighs 90 pounds with the 2 HP Suzuki attached.








Looking NW from Fairhaven anchorage in Bellingham, Washington.


Headed south along the West Coast of Vancouver Island - looking east toward Tofino