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Sunday afternoon Jim and I again met John in downtown Newport where we drank more beer and watched more football.  John eventually convinced us to walk back to the marina.  He had walked over to Newport earlier in the day and promised us the view from the Highway 101 bridge would be worth the walk.   We did manage to walk up the hill past the very nice USCG facility and out onto the bridge. 

The sidewalks were narrow and the traffic whizzed by at 45 mph as shown in the following 52 second YouTube Video:Walking Across Hwy 101 Bridge.  The video does have a nice view of the Newport jetty and the Newport Marina.

The next day, Monday September 6, was wet and gloomy as you can see in the picture to the left.  That is the Highway 101 bridge in the background. 

Jim and decided to try to figure out a way to keep the Bruce anchor from rolling side to side and clanging against the frame of the bowsprit.  The noise resonates thru the boat as Mirador wallows down swell when the boat is rolling. 

We tried several ideas but finally hit on an "elegant" and inexpensive technique.  We jammed an old burnt 2x4 board, which we retrieved from the trash, between the flukes of the Bruce and the bowsprit as shown in the picture below.

We had a little trouble driving the board into the proper location  but a fellow boater, who was much taller than Jim or I, applied several firm kicks to the end of the board and drove it securely into the proper location.  We did not hear another sound out of the anchor all the way down the coast.

The same helpful boater had rented a car and drove himself, Andy, and I to the Newport Fred Meyer ("all your shopping in one location") for some middle-of-the trip provisioning. 

The Monday afternoon forecasts sounded good for Tuesday through Saturday so we planned on leaving Newport on the next good tide which was about 1 PM Tuesday afternoon. 

Tuesday at 1 PM we had to follow a large NOAA research vessel out of the harbor and into the gloom and fog as shown below.




The fog limited visibility to less than 1/2 mile as we found our way out thru the jetty and across the bar.   The visibility increased to about three miles once a few miles offshore but the clouds stayed low and gloomy with almost no wind. 

Our rather vague plan was to go non-stop to Monterey.